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roses_of_pain's Journal

4 September
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“Some people see things that are and ask, Why?
Some people dream of things that never were and
ask, Why not? Some people have to go to work and
don't have time for all that.”- George Carlin

like everyone else i have my own opinions, but i respect the views of others, no matter how it may differ from my own. people don't have to always agree.

yes, i do like some anime and jrock but i don't like every thing that comes out of japan. i also liked these things before it became the "cool" thing to be into.

This journal is friends only. A few common interests are nice. I'm not online daily. When i am i read and reply to a few entries from everyone. i don't expect a reply to everything that i post but a comment here and there is greatly appreciated.

"As wicked as you are
You're beautiful to me
You're the darkest burning star
You're my perfect disease"

30 sec to mars, 80s metal, a clockwork orange, a perfect circle, aile, alice cooper, alice in chains, all that remains, anne mccaffrey, anne rice, as i lay dying, atreyu, avenged sevenfold, beetlejuice, being human, betterman, bioshock, black veil brides, bonnie pink, boogiepop phantom, bunraku, bushido, cats, coffee, corrosion of conformity, cromartie high school, d'espairs ray, david bowie, dean koontz, death note, disturbed, dragons, elvis costello, fallout, fantasy, farewell my concubine, ffvii: advent children, final fantasy, five finger death punch, forbidden kingdom, gackt, garfield, gazette, godzilla, guns 'n' roses, harry potter, hayao miyazaki, heavy metal, hedwig angry inch, hide, hong kong cinema, horror, horror flicks, horror movies, house of flying daggers, inuyasha, ip man, iron monkey, jackie chan, jamiroquai, john saul, johnny depp, jrock, kagrra, kids in the hall, korean horror, kung phooey, labyrinth, law & order, law and order svu, legend, lexx, linkin park, maplestory, metal, metalocalypse, mobile fighter g gundam, moon child, moon hee jun, motley crue, neopets, nightmare before christmas, nip/tuck, nirvana, orange, ozzy, ozzy osbourne, pantera, piers anthony, pirates, pitch black, pro-choice, psycho le cemu, rammstein, ray bradbury, reading, red hot chili peppers, resident evil, robbie williams, rocky horror picture show, sailor moon, samo hung, samurai, seether, serial experiments lain, seven swords, sex machineguns, shaun of the dead, shiina ringo, shonen knife, shulla, sid, silent hill, silver ash, splatterhouse, stabbing westward, stephen king, stone sour, strangeland, supernatural, tattoos, tetsu69, the bled, the dark crystal, the evil twin, the lost boys, the walking dead, thunderstorms, trivium, twilight zone, twisted sister, type o negative, velvet goldmine, video games, wolf's rain, wyse, x japan, xena: warrior princess, youjeen, yu yu hakusho, zilch, zombies